“Powerful, cogent, an absorbing piece of investigative journalism.”
Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe

“Even-handed, decide-for-yourself documentary.”
Antonia Zerbias, Toronto Star

“Fortunately, unlike so many similarly politically themed documentaries, the film makes its case with substantial intelligence and conviction."
Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter

“Taut, well-balanced, insightful...A probing look into Haiti's contentious modern history.”
Laura Kern, The New York Times

“This film makes a strong statement and brings to light important reportage with a straightforward yet persuasive style.”
Eric Monder, Film Journal International

“Informative and enraging film. Highly recommended for anyone interested in the fate of the world's downtrodden."
Gregg Rickman,  San Fransisco Weekly

“File this doc under extremely informative...casts fascinating light on the country's troubled past...filled with haunting footage...”
Cheryl Eddy, San Fransisco Bay Guardian

“A tremendous learning experience for all who want to gain a well balanced understanding of the issues unfolding in Haiti...highly recommend[ed] film...”
Michael J. Coffta, Educational Media Reviews Online

“Well photographed film...Facts and events are depicted with intelligence and integrity.”
Haiti Observateur

“Nicolas Rossier's well-researched documentary draws its own definite conclusions...leaves the dispiriting impression that democracy simply will not be tolerated in the Southern Hemisphere."
Ken Fox, TV Guide

“Bound to stir local passions...a lightning rod for Montreal's second-largest immigrant community."
Jeff Heinrich,  The Gazette

“A damning doc...that took the time to uncover the long-suppressed ugly underbelly of the story, we have a better understanding of the series of tragic events which led to the toppling of Aristide’s government."
Kam Williams , Caribo World Radio

“An excellent documentary that should be seen by those wanting a better understanding of contemporary Haitian politics."
Tim Pelzer, People’s Weekly World

”Well-made, balanced review of recent events set in a historic political context."
Wanda Sabir, San Fransisco Bay View

“Gives significant time to the disloyal opposition.”
Joshua Land, Village Voice

“Powerful revisiting of the Haitian Crisis.”
Cecile Lepage, L’Express Pacifique

“By far the most compelling voices are those of the impoverished Haitian people.”
Raven Snook, Time Out NY

“Ingenius, beyond the forest of the mainstream.”
Jooneed Khan, La Presse

“A must see...presents a more balanced account of the events leading to Aristide’s ouster that is hardly ever presented to the world.”
Desiree Addison, Hardbeat News

“A window into our country's right-wing attitudes about emerging democracies, the film is particularly timely. One has only to look at our administration's foreign policy goals with regard to Iraq and Venezuela to get a sense of déjà vu."
Jeff Meyers, Metro Times

“Vital...illustrates that American rhetoric doesn't always match American action...”
Robert Koehler, Variety

“Rossier does give voice to his opposition in Haiti and in the current Bush administration...anyone seeking a real counterpoint to Rossier's film is directed to Jonathan Demme's 2004 documentary The Agronomist.”
Terry Lawson, Detroit Free Press

“Rossier makes some effort to address allegations by his opponents of corruption and even political murder by Aristide's forces.”
Marc Mohan, The Oregonian

“A must see, not singularly because it details and contextualizes the nation of Haiti and its international condition, but because it is so rare for a film to exhibit such a sense of responsibility towards it's audience and its subject.”Sara Schieron,“Rossier’s main purpose in the film is to challenge the conventional wisdom and to argue that Aristide’s departure was anything but voluntary...reminds us that it would be more seemly if Western governments (a) supported democracy consistently, regardless of who got elected, or (b) just didn’t support it at all."
Kevin O'Donovan, Cinekkleisa

"Aristide emerges as an effect of the larger problems that plague Haiti...a prism through which to glimpse the horrifying contradictions and turbulences that suffuse Haitian society."
Chadwick Jenkins, POPMatters

"Rossier’s film touches a nerve in this highly charged season of abusive power...The film offers both sides. On the side that opposes Aristide’s government, Rossier presents several voices..."
Zach Kincaid, The Matthew House Project

“Compelling, intriguing, and well-balanced!”
Avi Offer, NYC Guru

“Many of the titles at this year’s VIFF can broaden our understanding of the world, and of other realities. Few, however, will match Aristide in calling forth urgent political action."
Derrick O'Keefe, Seven Oaks Magazine

"Should be added to the list of required films (along with Hearts & Minds, The Education of Little Tree, Black Robe, Slaughterhouse 5, Paths of Glory, Kingdom of Heaven, and The Battle of Algiers) in every high school in the western world”.
Jack Random,

“A very professionally made and credible documentary. Stunning images and, above all, honesty” 

“Challenges the viewer to think of Haiti as a very complicated scenario...a highly polarized issue.”
Robert Maguire, Professor Trinity University, Head of the Haiti Porgram

"Portrays a recent Haiti that is unpleasant and tortuous...shows some important actors in the recent political saga, from both the left and the right, and makes it possible for the general viewing public to hear them and even relive the 2004 events."
Hyppolite Pierre, Amnesty International Country Specialist
Author of Haiti, Rising Flames from Burning Ashes

“What a good film. I saw it twice, and showed it to friends in Haiti...a great tool.”
Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health
Author of The Uses of Haiti

“One of the most educational films I have ever seen about Haiti's political reality and the forces that bear on it.”
Guy S. Antoine, founder of Windows on Haiti

“Informative and very moving. An excellent film about the sad recent political history of Haiti that not only provides a rich, well-detailed context for understanding the rise and fall and rise and fall of Aristide but also offers a provocative meditation of the role of outside, especially American, forces and interests in his tumultuous career.”
Richard Peña, program director, Film Society of Lincoln Center

“This film deserves to be seen by Haitians. We don’t have many weapons to denounce the daily atrocities that my people have been victim of and your film seems to be exactly what we need today.”
Nadine Dominique, Haitian activist (daughter of the late Jean Dominique)

“Endlessly important film. At last a clear and authentic picture of Aristide's character and record.”
Albert Maysles, filmmaker

“Powerful documentary...I learned so much from the film.”
Kristine Samuelson, professor / director, Documentary Film and Video Program Stanford University

“A fabulous film...well-considered and devastating indictment of US foreign policy...a terrific job of reducing a fairly complicated plot into a cogent and ultimately blood-roiling work.”
Marc Mauceri, First Run Features

“Fascinating, disturbing, thought-provoking, and very worthwhile film. Whether you do or don’t believe what we’re fed through the media, this amazing documentary gives the viewer plenty of food for thought...a stimulating look at Jean Bertrand Aristide's rein of power in Haiti through powerful visuals and candid interviews”
R. Gallyott, KWMR

“Very compelling. You linked U.S. policy to particular economic interest that need to be understood by a broad group of people."
Walter Riley, civil rights attorney
Board chair, Vanguard Public Foundation

“A bang-up job, and I will highly recommend this film to anyone...thank you for producing this important work...”
Stuart Maxwell, founder and editor of the Louverture Project

“A compelling film...a good history of Aristide’s presidency and departure from office, and the impact on Haiti.”
PBS Frontline

“N’hésitant pas à rompre avec le discours convenu, utilisant des images et des entretiens inédits, Nicolas Rossier lève enfin le voile sur les événements survenus en Haïti à la fin de l’hiver 2004. Son nouveau film, Aristide or the Endless Revolution, est un document-choc indispensable pour comprendre le caractère explosif de la situation dans la première république nègre du monde qui pourrait bien devenir l’Irak des CaraÏbes.”
Claude Ribbe, author of L’Expédition

“Rossier bravely exposes this great truth: the fire of the slave revolution continues to burn in every hungry Haitian’s heart.”
Thomas Griffin, human rights reporter

“A very thorough job of documenting Aritiste's story...all the relevant and necessary components were there.”
Mahen Bonetti, African Film Festival

“I am veryproud to have my name associated with this superb documentary.”
Fred Flaxman, WXEL Miami

“I learned quite a few things about the dire situation in Haiti from this documentary that are not covered in the mainstream media.”
PoChu AuYeung, Vancouver International Film Festival

“Makes a convincing case that a conspiracy was orchestrated by Washington to deliberately destabilize the country, and sheds light on the political intrigue, manipulation, lies and mistakes that led to Haiti’s being plunged once again into chaos."
Montreal International Documentary Festival

“Extremely well received. After the first screening, the buzz caught on and it was one of our best attended screenings. The audience wanted to talk about the subject and were very aware of the recent elections. They were thankful to get the information contained in the documentary and felt it gave them a better understanding of the issues surrounding the kidnapping of the President and the push to replace him with the current elections."
Asantewa, Pan African Film Festival