February 4: Read Nicolas Rossier's HuffPost Op-Ed on Haiti's political reconciliation.

January 19: Nicolas Rossier appears on RT's "CrossTalk" with Peter Lavelle, Ezili Danto and Stanley Lucas.


November 20: Nicolas Rossier is interviewed by Laura Flanders of the Nation magazine on Grit TV.

November 18: 8-minute excerpt of Nicolas Rossier's interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide appears on Grit TV.

November 17: Nicolas Rossier appears on RT's "CrossTalk" with Hyppolite Pierre and Ambassador Ernest Preeg of the Haiti Democracy Project.

November 11: Watch Nicolas Rossier's full interview with Jean-Bertrand Aristide on HuffPost.

January 12: Haiti is plunged into complete chaos by the earthquake. Please support the relief effort by donating to Partners in Health, the American Red Cross or UNICEF.


December 12: Aristide's Lavalas party is barred from the February ballot in Haiti.

January 1: Aristide and the Endless Revolution sold to CBC Radio Canada, Planet TV, CabSat Free TV Poland, Public Senat France, Cab Sat Free TV Scandinavia, SABC South Africa, PECO South Africa, Historia in Spain, HITN USA.


October 1: Aristide and the Endless Revolution to be screened at the Maysles Cinema as part of the "Haiti in Harlem" festival. Filmmaker Nicolas Rossier will be attending.

January 14: Aristide and the Endless Revolution to be aired three times on Public Senat, one of France’s two government channels.


October 30: The kidnapping of pro-Lavalas members continues. Following the kidnapping of Lovinsky Pierre-Antoine, Haitian police are now searching for the missing spokeswoman of Aristide's party.

February 22: Peter Hallward completes a very compelling interview of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

February 5: The Lancet regrets the errors but validates the report by Lynn Duf.

January 18: Filmmaker Nicolas Rossier reviews a great book by young Haitian scholar Hyppolite Pierre for Haiti Analysis.

January 1: Aristide and the Endless Revolution awarded the 2007 NYSCA Individual Artist Grant.


November 17-19: The School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) Vigil to be held at Fort Benning, Georgia. Thousands are expected to gather at the gates to demand the closure of the school.

November 10: The PBS Educational Media website for teachers is now selling and endorsing Aristide and the Endless Revolution.

November 8: Screening and discussion of Aristide and the Endless Revolution with Nicolas Rossier and Hippolyte Pierre, professor and author at the University of Albany.

September 6: Advertisement for Aristide and the Endless Revolution is released in the Foreign Affairs online magazine.

August 31: Shocking Lancet study released reporting "8,000 Murders, 35,000 Rapes and Sexual Assaults in Haiti During U.S.-Backed Coup Regime After Aristide Ouster."

August 15: A US human rights group sues for info on Haiti loans.

July 25: Aristide and the Endless Revolution is released on DVD and is now available on and on this website via PayPal - including international orders - as well as on all the main DVD wholesale websites in the US and Canada.

July 17: thousands march to demand Aristide's return to Haiti.